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Welcome to I2SP Radio

I2SP Radio welcomes you to our website and to our radio programming. I2SP Radio is the radio media outlet for Inviting To The Straight Path Inc., which is a non-profit organization. It is our desire to produce great radio shows that will feed the soul and inform the intellect. We have special interest stories, interviews with scholars and experts in their respective fields and educational broadcasts. All of our programs are 100% interactive and we encourage you to call into our live radio broadcast and to make your comments on our site under the specific broadcast. There are no subjects that are taboo or out of bounds and your suggestions for show ideas are also welcomed. It is our honor and esteemed pleasure to welcome you!
Dua Kumayl Flyer

Dua Kumayl, How Can I Remain In The Chastisement

Salaam Alaikum,
I2SP contines it’s weekly commentary of Dua Kumayl. This week Sh. Hanif will examine, How can I remain in the chastisement.

Dua Kumayl Flyer

Dua Kumayl, Can You See Yourself Tormenting Me?

Salaamun Alaikum,
I2SP Continues it’s weeking commentary of Dua Kumayl. This week Sh. Hanif will discuss, Can you see yourself tormenting me? This session to help explain the dua, along with gaining a better understanding of what our relationship should be with our Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer Allah (swt).

Dua Kumayl Flyer

Dua Kumayl, For What Will I Complain

We continue with our weekly commentary of Dua Kumayl.

Dua Kumayl Flyer

Dua Kumayl Session, How Can I Endure Separation From You?

Salaamun Alaikum,
We are back after a long break for the blessed month of Ramadan. Tonight Sh. Hanif will discuss the devotion of the true servant even if he is tormented.

Sunday Conversation 3

I2SP Interviews Psychologist and Life Coach Seyed Hadi

I2SP is pleased to welcome Seyed Hadi Yassin to our Sunday Conversation. Seyed Hadi is a mental health professional and life coach that has also been trained in the Islamic seminary. This is a rare combination that makes Seyed Hadi a very interesting and needed individual in the Islamic world. This week he will help us to understand the importance of Muslims having someone to discuss their problems with as this is not always a practice among the believers.


Ramadhan Majlis Live From Alabama Night 14

Tonight Sh. Hanif will close out his series on the tafseer of Surah Hujurat. We will discuss the fact that Allah not only knows what is in the heavens and the earth but He knows what we think and feel.


Ramadhan Majlis Live From Alabama Night 13

Salaamun alaikum,
Tonight I2SP continues its live Ramadan Majlis from Huntsville, AL. Sheikh Hanif discusses verses 16-17 of Surah Hujurat, Are we trying to teach Allah our religion.


Ramadhan Majlis Live From Alabama Night 12

Tonight Sh. Hanif continues the lecture series on Surah Hujurat. Tonight we will discuss the true in faith.


Ramadhan Majlis Live From Alabama Night 11

Tonight Sh. Hanif continues his enlightening lecture series on the Tafseer of Hujurat. Tonight we will discuss the importance of having taqwa (piety).

new pic

I2SP Interviews Taqwa Media Co-Founder Dr. Farooq Bandali

I2SP Radio is pleased to announce that we will have an enlightening interview with one of the Co-Founders of Taqwa Media Dr. Farooq Bandali .Taqwa Media LLC is a print and digital publishing, marketing and distribution company. Established in September 2012, Taqwa Media’s vision is to share the message of God-consciousness (taqwa) using state-of-the-art technology. This company provides an opportunity for independent publishers and authors to disseminate their works through their growing distribution network.